Written and Directed by Ivana Noa

Director of Photography Heleen Decrercq

Original Soundtrack PJ Seaux

Original Choreography Olympe Tits

Colorist Morgana Mckenzie

Sound Department Niels Van Rumst 

Sound Dialogues Mixing Feras Daouk

Costumes Emma Kristin

Hair and Makeup Siska Bouwen

Graphic Design: Lisa Matthys

Fictional Characters trailer - a film by Ivana Noa on Vimeo

With Veerle Eyckermans, Olympe Tits, Willem Herbots, Ellen Sterckx, Dirk DeLathauer

And: Amber Janssens, Gloria Monserez, Silke Blancke, Lara Roozemond,  Lukas van der Burg, Frederic Ulrichs, Max Laros